Wilderness And Hospitality Found its African Home!

We went to South Africa to experience the thrill meeting wildlife eye-to-eye. And our expectations where fully met! In the Kruger National Park we were exploring, as well as in the Greater Kruger area and namely the Parsons Nature Reserve, where we literary lived surrounded by wildlife! In a one-of-a-kind place: the Maninghi Lodge 🙂… Read more »


When Frank Sinatra asks: „I like New York in June, how about you?”, we answer „Spring, definitely!”. Why? Because spring in the Big Apple is fresh and nippy – right for roaming around with kids. Just have a look…

Baby on board

Hi there, flying moms and dads (present and future) and all of you folks who wish to find how to fly with our little ones. A baby on the plane is no stress once you grasp the know-how. Together with other bloggers travelling with kids, we share here a handful of practical info on what… Read more »

Vilnius took us by surprise!

Some members of the Mereczonthego traveling gang associated Vilnius with noble grandma-pilgrims to the holy image of Santa Madonna in the Gates of Dawn. Others expected a sleepy, dusty town emerging from the mist of the past with countless church towers. However… . . Vilnius turned out to be a beautiful, clean, vibrant multicultural European… Read more »


They fly away while it gets chilly… They come back with the first rays of spring sun. They simply disappear from our environment when, well, winter is coming (so, they are like storks, not Starks 🙂 Home, office, picking up kids from school, home, dinner… and all over again. People happen to fall into this… Read more »

Kids on Volcano: Stromboli

. Stromboli is a very decent volcano. It looks like a decent volcano, smokes like one, and like a very decent volcano continually releases a stream of lava. And it erupts regularly every 10-15 minutes! And since these eruptions aren’t particularly scary (strong explosions occur once a few years, most recently in 2002, 2009), you… Read more »

Made in China: Beijing

. Three cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, all Made in China, and all so much different…  That’s how it is with this new China. Traveling around it on the high-speed rails is as if by magic moving in all sorts of worlds. I recall China from memory… . Beijing: get the vibe – watch… Read more »

Visit Gdańsk and go to Hel!

. Probably every adult Pole sees Gdańsk as the icon-place for holiday as well as the icon-place of struggle for freedom. This dual iconic status makes the city and its vicinity a special place really. Medieval and Renaissance buildings, port and shipyard cranes, WWII sites – all this makes Gdańsk a place worth seeing… …. Read more »

Paddington Bear, Sherlock Holmes or… Santa Claus?

Or maybe Paweł? But why the big black garbage bag and the Sherlock Holmes cap? Well, with those Mereczonthego people you never know… 🙂 All right, first we screw a bit, but then London gave us hell of a boost!   This time, we went to London to follow the paths of the literary heroes who… Read more »

Christmas Dresden

On the morning of the second day of the Christmas holidays we packed our gifts, the suitcase and equipment for filming, and on top of this mountain of things we threw the new mint trolley of Miłka – an ecological greentom – and… Auf geht’s! A few hours later, just after dark, we were cruising… Read more »

  • Italy

    Kids on Volcano: Etna

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    . In Europe there are 12 active volcanoes, half of which lie in Iceland and four in Italy. Iceland aside (for a sec, be alert!), today we will commence the tale of our adventures on the volcanoes of Italy. We start with the highest and largest volcano in Europe, Mungibeddu! . WTF?! Okay, it is… Read more »

  • Greece

    When Father Was Away On Business: Athens

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    Merecz on the job this time! Business matters rushed Merecz-senior to Athens. And although Greece in winter probably shows a different face than its holiday edition (do not know, no comparison), it was fun! . . No Merecz ever misses an opportunity to capture impressions of the trip, even if traveling solo (from the family point of… Read more »